Art Flow at the Batavia Apartments

Water Street Studios fulfills its mission to make the arts accessible to the community by bringing a dedicated, weekly art class to the children who reside at the Batavia Apartments on the corner of Kirk Road and Wilson Avenue in Batavia. If you live in these apartments and would like your 6-12 year old to participate in this, please see the Resident Services manager at the apartments for a registration form.

Teen Art Flow Scholarships

Up to three financially eligible teens from the local community may take one free course (or two workshops) per semester. The total of class fees may not exceed $200 per semester. If a desired course exceeds $200, the family of the student must make up the difference. Students can apply awarded funds toward any age appropriate class offered at Water Street Studios. Information about scholarship recipients is not shared with the instructors or students.


  1. Application is submitted and reviewed by the staff at WSS.
  2. An interview with the prospective student and the Director of Education is conducted to assess the student’s artistic interests and to ensure that he or she is a good fit for our programming.
  3. An appropriate course of study will be recommended by the Director, who will also register the student for the desired course or workshop.


Applications must be submitted by the following dates for the student to be considered for the respective semester:

  • FALL SEMESTER (September – December): August 10th
  • WINTER/SPRING SEMESTER (January – April): December 10th
  • SUMMER SEMESTER: (May – August): April 10th


Program participants must:

  • Be between the ages of 13-18.
  • Have a strong interest in visual art.

Attendance Policy

  • Scholarship recipients are expected to attend all classes that were paid for by the scholarship unless ill. Any amount of unexcused absences will prevent the student from reapplying for the scholarship for one year.