Children's Classes

Our comprehensive curriculum for children will both challenge and inspire young artists. Choose from among courses and workshops in a variety of mediums.

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Our courses are all repeatable and are designed to develop skills while exploring a variety of concepts, subjects, and mediums. These are serious art classes for intentional, young artists.

  • Studio Art for Kids A (ages 7-10)
  • Studio Art for Kids B (ages 11-13)
  • Ceramics for Kids (ages 7-13)

See course details below.


Drop in for a fun afternoon of creativity during one of our workshops!

  • Paint Your Pet (ages 8-13)

See course details below.

Studio Art for Kids A/B

  • Day: Sat
  • Class 1 Code: KID8101A / KID8102A
  • Class 1 start date: 01/20/18
  • Class 1 last date: 02/24/18
  • Class 2 Code: KID8101B / KID8102B
  • Class 2 start date: 03/17/18 (skip 3/31/18)
  • Class 2 last date: 04/28/18
  • Age Range: 7-10 / 11-13
  • Time: 10am - 11:30am
  • Instructor: Cappell
  • MBR class cost: $108 / 2-class bundle: $195
  • Non-MBR cost: $120 / 2-class bundle: $216

This comprehensive course in both 2-D and 3-D mediums will build a foundation for artistic expression. Each session contains units in drawing, color, and 3-D. This repeatable class will continue to challenge and instruct students in elements of art and principles of design as it addresses different mediums, subjects, and concepts each session.

Session 1 Focus: Drawing in one-point perspective using graphite; creating rhythm using color and patterns; exploring texturizing techniques with ceramics.

Session 2 Focus: Understanding atmospheric perspective in a charcoal landscape; exploring color mixing using soft pastels; creating a relief sculpture on canvas with papier-mâché and acrylic paint.


  • Day: Mon
  • Class 1 Code: KID8103A
  • Class 1 start date: 02/05/18
  • Class 1 last date: 02/26/18
  • Class 2 Code: KID8103B
  • Class 2 start date: 04/02/18
  • Class 2 last date: 04/23/18
  • Age Range: 07/13/17
  • Time: 5pm - 6pm
  • Instructor: Smith
  • MBR class cost: $54 / 2-class bundle: $97
  • Non-MBR cost: $60 / 2-class bundle: $108
hand built morguefile.jpg

Join us for four weeks of creative fun with clay! Students will learn the basics of hand building, creating figurative work as well as functional art. Projects will be created from both kiln-fired and air-dry clays, and will be finished with glazes and paints. Each unique project will challenge students in concepts of design, texture, and color schemes.


  • Day: Sun
  • Class 1 Code: KID8104A
  • Class 1 date: 02/11/18
  • Class 2 Code: KID8104B
  • Class 2 date: 04/29/18
  • Age Range: 8-13
  • Time: 1-3 pm
  • Instructor: Cappell
  • MBR class cost: $27.00
  • Non-MBR cost: $30.00

Here’s a workshop to help you express your love for your pet or favorite animal! You will be guided through sketching your pet on a 9” x 12” canvas. With professional direction, you will paint the features and fur using acrylic paint. You’ll go home with a frameable painting of your beloved animal, made by you!