Encaustic Painting

Discover the exciting method of creating monoprints with melted, colored wax on paper. Published classes and private instruction are both available.

Meet the instructor.


Scheduled Classes:

Photo Encaustic (4-session course)

In this encaustic class, we will continue to learn additional techniques to add interest to Encaustic paintings. Topics covered include collage, mark making, encases photos and photo transfer. Supplies are included to make at least 7 pieces of different sizes. Additional supplies are available for purchase.

Playing with Encaustics (1 session workshop)

In this two-hour class, we will briefly discuss the history of encaustic painting, which is painting using molten beeswax, and learn the basic techniques to create four 4”x4” abstract paintings that you will be able to take with you at the end of class.


Encaustic Independent Study: 1-4 students at a time

Come and use the instructor’s studio encaustic setup to continue working with encaustic. Cost covers average use of tools and paint. Some specialty paints may require for an additional fee. You may bring your own boards or purchase additional boards during session. Dates and times would be arranged with artist. While no lessons are taught, questions are welcome.

Purchase Options:

  • $25 for one, 3-hour session that must be used within 3 weeks from the date of purchase.

  • $68 for three, 3-hour sessions that must be used within 5 weeks from the date of purchase.

Prerequisite: Playing with Encaustic

Painting Larger in Encaustic: 1-2 students at a time

If you are interested in painting larger Encaustic paintings, then this three 3-hour private lesson is for you. Additional techniques will be discussed and demonstrated, but much of the time will be spent on painting two 16” x 20” boards. Pre-requisite: Playing with Encaustic / Suggested: Photo Encaustic

  • $135.00 - Class price for a three 3-hour session

  • $70.00 Supply fee is paid directly to instructor at first class.