Glass Classes

Learn to create beautiful glass jewelry and artwork first hand from glass artist, Victoria BelzClick links for more information and to register.

Glass Beadmaking

Explore the Venetian method of lampwork glass bead creation with these introductory classes.

Basics and Beyond Glass Beadmaking

In this six segment class, you will learn to make lampworked glass beads using the old Venetian technique of layering molten glass on a rod. We will learn the basic skills used to manipulate glass and concentrate on cultivating a mastery of those skills. Students will learn basic bead shapes, layering of glass, dots, basic flower designs, frit (the use and making of), stringer pulling and how to make and pull twisty canes. It is recommended that students attend Intro to Glass Beadmaking class, but it is not a requirement. Each student will have access to a Nortel Minor glass working torch, safety glasses and all the tools needed for use in shaping glass. 

Materials fee of $30 will be required on first day of class, payable to the instructor. This is to be used by student towards glass. Various colors of Moretti soft Italian glass will be available for purchase. Please bring note taking supplies. Wear natural fibers, closed toe shoes, and tie long hair back.

Dates: 9/11/18 - 10/23/18, Tuesdays from 6-9 pm

Introduction to Lampwork Glass Beadmaking

If you are looking for a fun way to experience glass work with no experience and no commitment necessary, then this is the class for you. This is an introductory “tour” of lampwork beadmaking. You will learn to make lampworked glass beads using the old Venetian technique of layering molten glass on a rod to form a glass bead. There will be a brief discussion on safety, tools and technique followed by a demonstration. Student will then have time to explore their own creativity manipulating the glass to create one of a kind handmade glass beads with the guidance of the instructor. 

Each student will be supplied with a special Nortel Minor glass working torch, safety glasses, various colors of Moretti soft Italian glass, and all the tools needed. Please bring note taking supplies. Wear natural fibers, closed toe shoes, and tie long hair back.

Glass art workshops


Create stunning samples of glass art in our stand alone workshops.

Flameworked Swizzle Sticks Workshops:

Do you prefer Lemonade or Mai Tais? Adorn those refreshing drinks with your very own handmade set of sparkling swizzle sticks. This “no experience necessary” class makes for a fun, creative experience or an easy introduction to the art of glass flameworking. Students will learn to make simple shapes and designs out of molten glass using a torch and then attach those designs to pre-made glass swizzle stick bases. 

All tools provided. Your set of 6 swizzle sticks will be available within 48 hours for pick up. Please wear closed toe shoes, natural fiber clothing (no shorts) and secure long hair away from face.


Glass Leaf Pendant Workshops

Celebrate your love of the season and create your own glass leaf pendants or sun catchers. We will melt a variety of glass rods using an oxygen/propane torch and manipulate the molten glass with special tools to form leaves as unique and beautiful as those found in nature. No skills are necessary, although some torch experience is helpful. Leaves are available for pickup in 48 hours.

Simple Blown Glass Ornament Workshops


Glaskolben is the German name for the clear glass cylinder used for blowing decorative ornaments. You will learn how to decorate these glaskolbens with a variety of frits and stringers (thin rods of glass), and how to heat them properly in order to blow them into beautiful ornaments. Each student receives 8 glass tubes and an assortment of colorful glass frits, stringers, and other decorative bits to personalize your creation. It may take a little practice and not all of them will be keepers, but after a very short time you will be making some lovely, one-of-a-kind, handmade ornaments! They will be ready in a day or two for pick up and to hang on the tree or give as a gift. No previous experience required!