Printmaking Instructors


Kimberly Fredricks, Printmaking Instructor

Kim Fredricks loves to get inky! She studied art at Northern Illinois University and stayed an extra year after discovering the wonders of printmaking. Under the direction of professors, Michael Barnes and Ashely Nason, Kim developed a passion for all types of printmaking. Through Water Street Studios, Kim eagerly shares her passion for print with her students. Kim’s story at Water Street Studios began as an internship, grew into teaching printmaking classes and developing Water Street Studios’ PrintLab Maker-Space.

Kathie Collinson, Encaustic Instructor


Art, for Kathie, is actually a second career she is exploring. She has a computer science degree and worked for many years in the field. In 2010, she decided to find something creative to do just for herself and decided to look into drawing classes at Water Street Studios in
Batavia. With the first drawing class, she was hooked, and has been drawing and exploring different mediums ever since. In September 2015, she moved into a studio at Water Street Studios and is currently concentrating on graphite, colored pencil, photography, and encaustic. She has started teaching introductory classes in Encaustic painting.