October 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Water Street Studios Board Meeting
Wednesday 10/10/2018 7:30 am 


Dani, Steve, Buzz, Kurt, Jessica, Richard, Stacey, Christine, Chris (Kerri Ann Absent)

Meeting Called to Order: 7:45am


Motion to approve September Minutes by Richard, Seconded by Steve. Motion Passed.

Motion to amend June Meeting Minutes by Steve, Seconded by Buzz. Motion to Amend June Minutes Passed.

Collection of Conflict of Interest Forms:

All forms from attending board members collected and files updated for fiscal year 2018.

Treasurer’s Report

Investment Policy

Stacey briefly summarized the investment policy put forward to the Board for review and acknowledge. Jessica had asked for clarification on the term “asset” as it was used in the document brought forward. The Finance Committee has changed the term from “asset” to “liquid investable asset” to be more accurate.  

Stacey proposed for the Board to move forward with a new account for WSS. The account would be a Cash Reserve Account / Money Market Account. The Finance Committee will be reviewing the proposal and presenting their findings through the month and in the next board meeting.

1st Quarter Financial Report

Dani reviewed the 1st Quarter Financial Report with the Board. Attention was brought over any discrepancy of $1000 or greater, Dani had answered all questions pertaining to any discrepancy that was found in the report.

Audit Update

The audit has begun and will continue through October. An update will be available to the Board in November during the next Board Meeting.

President’s Report

Update on Board Positions

-        Steve had brought attention to the upcoming two-year tenure of current board members. This is to indicate that we are looking for current, non-executive board members, to consider serving the board in an officer’s capacity.

Executive Director’s Report

Executive Assistant Position – Update

Dani has finished her first round of interviews with candidates and has narrowed it down to two potential interviewees. The hiring committee is communicating when they will be able to conduct the in-person interview as early as next week.

Giving Tuesday Campaign – Update

-        Dani has been given notice that the promotional Giving Tuesday video should be done soon and was already given the pre-finished product to preview.

-        Roughly $15 Thousand dollars has been committed to the Giving Tuesday Event.

-        The Board has been provided with instructions on how to set up their own donation page to fundraise within their networks.


A current resident artist has been given their final notice. Dani has issued the resident artist their 10-day notice on top of monthly notices for the past three months.


No new information


Update on Silent Art Auction

-        Silent Art Auction was a success to all of our measures and goals that we had wanted to attain. The event attracted one of WSS largest audiences, we were able to both gain new members and renew existing memberships, reached our funding goal, and proved that the online and mobile app for silent auctions is a viable option moving forward.

-        Steve had critiques about the mobile app:

o   Proxy Voting

o   Mix in live auctions

o   Earlier start to bidding

The other board members agreed that these points would both smooth out and increase the user and guests’ experiences.

Old Business

Fox River Arts Partnership

Dani had updated the Board that the Fox River Arts Ramble would be operated on a committee level between all participating parties with a pass-through fund. The pass-through fund would be maintained by the Community Foundation.

Mural Program on Water Street

Mural proposal program has passed through the City of Batavia. City of Batavia has said that they cautioned WSS of logo sizes for zoning purposes.

New Business

Review of Job Descriptions

The Board discussed the on-going changes to the Facility Manager position to accurately reflect their current responsibilities. The Board is seeking professional advice on classification details pertaining to the position.

Re-evaluating Event Rental Strategy

Steve, Jessica, Kurt and Christine proposed that the most advantageous way of soliciting the position of Event Rental Manager would to classify the position as 100% commission and for interested parties applying to submit a Request For Proposal. The Board agreed to move forward in the direction described above. 

Appreciation Holiday Session

Steve notified the Board of the Holiday party to take place in December. No date has been selected yet.

Kurt motioned to adjourn at 9:38 a.m. Buzz Seconded.