August 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Water Street Studio Board Meeting
August 8, 2017

Board Members Present: Steve, Buzz, Stacey, Richard, Dani, Ramon, Christine, Kurt

Meeting call to Order- 7:45 by Steve


Motion to accept-Kurt

Second to accept- Buzz

Treasures Report- Dani

Treasurer’s Report Approved

Motion to approve- Christine

Seconded to approve- Kurt

Include treasure’s report and minutes with current board minutes.

President’s report:

Steve- Received letter from law firm indicating that we are exempt from taxes on the revenue from Event Rentals. Beer is donated so we shouldn’t be taxed on the revenue. We need to have a level of documentation to support the reason for reimbursement. Accounting Course for Dani and Stacey.Dani has spending authority up to $1,000 so she doesn’t need board approval.

Board Engagement Meeting- Sunday, October 8 10:00- 1:00PM Party afterwards

Executive Director’s Report

Waiting on the State for permit for the wheelchair. Anniversary Show would be a good target to be completed. Two new Resident Artists- Maribeth Coffey-Sears & Jessica Gordon

Summary of Insurance- Fine Arts- $100,000 up to $10,000 per piece

SOA Outreach Report- Nothing new to report. Registrations

Working on possibly changing the name of the school with Karine.Water Street Art Education


The Dunham Fund- They are meeting today to approve grants. The remaining amount goes to General Operating Account.

New website going live by end of the week.  

No information on Foundation Search

Update on Project Fusion numbers- Big increase from last year: Gallery $19,720 this is our 50%. Artists Consignments $8,751. $3,500 in sponsorships

Gallery- Partnering with Kiss the Sky for music during openings

Anniversary Show- Golden Birthday September 8

Bulldogs Unleashed during gallery opening

Marketing - Dani

Both/And Pictures- Videos are becoming very impactful and effective. Estimate $2,350 need Board Approval

Motion to approve- Christine

Seconded to approve- Kurt  Approved!

Marketing Intern request to Northern IL

Old Business - Dani

Steve recommends a semi-annual review for bonus and a pay increase in 6 months for Karine. Christine recommends that we review the budget with adjustments for bonuses. Dani recommends that we should review it at the end of the quarter. Dani expressed possibly taking a break on the Live Art Series in September. Steve and Kurt mentioned that if it’s based on money as the reason not to worry because we get a significant return on them. Dani and Jaime recommends a committee for the Live Art Series. Board thinks it’s a good idea. Paint & Sip in conjunction with September’s opening (2nd Friday’s). Targeting 10-12 people. Students over 21 can go to the bar & purchase drinks

New Business - Dani

Giving Tuesday is November 28th. Dani propose using team captains for raising X amount of dollars. Wendy and Steve are meeting to put on a music festival in Batavia. They want Water Street Studios to be a part. Artist workshop- October 14 10:30 AM Buzz requested approval to start a committee about the sculpture park. Board approved his request. Allison from Park District says board of park district is concerned with vandalism, insurance and up keep. Kurt asked if we can reach out to the city about a new sign on Wilson street to replace the small brown sign on Wilson St.

Motion to adjourn- Kurt

Seconded - Christine

Meeting Closed- 9:10