July 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Water Street Studios Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday July 14, 2017 7:30 am

Meeting Called to Order: 7:39am

June Meeting Minutes and Special June Meeting Minutes Approved

Treasurer’s report

Presidents report

Taxes: Steve to engage Baker & McKenzie for pro-bono counsel – Buzz moved, Richard seconded, All in favor.

Executive Director’s Report

General/Administrative: New Security System is installed-video surveillance installed and existing key cards still valid for this system. Wheelchair lift installation and ribbon cutting postponed due to State red tape. New target date for lift install and ribbon cutting is September 8th gallery opening

School of Art/Art Flow/Ripple Effect/Outreach Report:
Outlined in Karine’s July report


Reviewed Dani’s Funding Needs list and KPI list (see end of document). Blues and Roots netted $2,500, which was weaker than expected due to lack of anticipated sponsorships. Eight declines for funding from foundations recommended by Foundation Search will be sent out to FS which will entitle WSS to a full subscription fee refund. Batavia Arts Council event at Steve’s House is scheduled for September 17th. William Blair’s matching gift, arranged by Stacey has been processed.


More downtown Batavia businesses  are now participating in 2nd Fridays which will hopefully mean a lift in attendance for WSS gallery openings. In lieu of entry fees for the September Anniversary Show, we are inviting applicants to sign up for membership. December’s Winterfest event will be using temporary floating walls along the north-side stone wall in the Dempsey gallery instead of building any temporary or semi-permanent structures to make up for display space that will be taken up by the new wheelchair lift. Use of KCC gallery for this purpose will also be considered.


Dani, Karine, and Lori have been building a new website using the SquareSpace platform and template and it has been progressing quite well with a target launch of mid August. Brooke took a full-time position and is no longer volunteering or interning in the Fall at WSS and we are looking for recommendations for marketing help

Old Business

Board Engagement Meeting-Charlene and Julie will be setting up a three hour meeting for board members training. This could be funded by a Technology Assistance Grant from the Donnelly Foundation.

New Business

All board members are encouraged to “like” and share ingoing event and program notices

No CIA meeting was needed

Funding Needs