March 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Water Street Studios Board Meeting
March 14, 2018


Dani, Steve, Kurt, Ramon, Buzz, Richard, Christine

Meeting Called to Order: 7:37 AM Steve


Moved to accept- Kurt

2nd- Buzz

Treasurer’s Report (see notes)

Dani said that Darlene charged us and recommends that we pay her.

Christine moves that we pay

2nd Richard

All in Favor

Dani-amendment signed and effective January 1

President’s Report

990 Bill from Kennedy & Company CPAs

Executive Director’s Report- Dani

Submitted Grants with IACA, NEA, Batavia United Way, and Sprint

Continued outreach to Batavia Apartments was requested to Batavia United Way- Asking for $5,000. Sprint corporate giving. Dani applied. Local family foundation- Fieburger. Dunham Fund is meeting about our large grant next month.

Sponsorship for Blues & Roots on Water Street. Dani put together sponsorship levels. Dani needing approval from the Sponsorship Committee. Steve suggested that we promote it during the Art Ramble. Kurt asked what the potential sponsorship level $10,000 ($8,000). Kurt- do we have a short list. Dani said we have 15. Kurt-What level of sponsorship do we need to make it profitable? Dani said she would need to check with Steve because he has the P&L.

Revisit Membership Benefits: Artist level- Dani suggested that we waive the entry fee. Richard said that would be good. Steve asked if this was enough of an added benefit to attract and it will be one extra thing to track. Richard asked how is the membership levels going? A nice bump last year. Richard suggests a membership promotion. Dani wants to add an extra drink ticket to the patron level. Dani wants to increase our branding


Forming the committee. Talked to Jaimie. Ingrid Brit (from BEI). Kurt would like Dani to ask Kerri Ann to be a part of the committee. Kurt asking if we can have a NDA signed by the committee members. He wants to start committee meetings in 30 days. Kurt asked Richard to be a part of it. Richard agreed. He would like to have 2 resident artists part of the committee. Get the standardization of the application process implemented. Dani said we used the new process on the last two new resident artists. Kurt’s looking to have a 3 yr standardization plan. Steve’s concern about the 3 yr plan is that they don’t have their rent drastically increased.


Report from Karine. Christine- Kim is taking a sabbatical from teaching over the summer but wants to come back in the Fall. Karine is uncomfortable about some of the supplies used in the print lab that are used for other programs are owned by Kim. If Kim wants to sell it that she needs to comes up with a quote. If she wants to donate the supplies we can give her access. If she wants to loan it or store for 12 months at a time with a 3 month notice to remove it. Christine will inform Karine to reach out to Kim and share

Lisa is wanting more storage. Dani & Karine scheduled meetings with the instructors and many frustrations were expressed. One is having a classroom. Dani told Lisa to come up with a proposal. Kurt said that the board has other plans for the space and that building it out for a classroom is too much; however, if Lisa wants to put together a detailed proposal including estimates of build out, expected return of investment. That would be fine.

Christine wants to know what we are going to do with the Clay Lab? Dani said we can store the print lab equipment and space until we lease equipment. Steve said that if we can say that no one can use the metal lab at the same time as her classes. Kurt would like to look at this option but we need to have a proposal. Christine said she needs to present this to Karine.

One of things that would help Karine is to have a community sounding board to put out ideas and get feedback. She would like to have it on monthly basis. Christine did research on Advisory Council-not binding, no voting, they are representatives of WSS. Send email out to those that are interested. Once a month Dani or Karine would email a question and then email a thank you for their input. Concerns: You get individuals to agree and then don’t do anything with them. If you’re not clear on the power structure of the council. Steve’s concerns: If someone hasn’t heard about an advisory council, there could be confusion.

We have not been able to grow our board. He suggests that we add a person from the other communities that would fulfill what Karine is looking for. This is not as much of priority as other things. Requesting that the questions that Dani or Karine email to the advisory board be sent to the board first because he feels that he would feel awkward not knowing that a question was asked. Buzz and Dani disagree because we are asking them for big picture input and we don’t want to be restricting. Kurt believes we should iron out the process of sending questions.Kurt likes the idea because it adds another layer to the community, a breeding ground for new board members, getting information from a different view helps the board makes decisions. Kurt asked if Dani and Karine would benefit from it. Dani said yes. Kurt says if we can iron out the procedures of the Advisory Council then at the next board meeting we can motion to move forward with the Advisory Council.


Insurance for Artwork-Approval. Deductible was lowered. $1,500 annual premium. One insurance for fire & theft up to $100,000 ($500 deductible). One insurance for artwork up to $100,000 ($250 deductible). Kurt moves to approve the increase as presented.

Seconded Buzz

WSSAC Renewals & New Members: They are coming due and Steve needs it to add to budget.

Events: Jaime wants to charge a flat rate rather than per hour. With our new liquor license, we could be the bar during the event. Change the event to program because all our sales are related to a program. Steve said that earlier in the year he was told selling liquor outside of a program does not qualify.

Old Business - Dani

Kim Romano’s Proposal

Second – Richard

5 in Favor

One opposed- Kurt

Motion carries

Fox River Arts Ramble- April 21,2018

Clay Lab Budget Proposal- Marcy has put together a proposal for when we move the lab in April.

New Business - Dani

Exterior Signage with City of Batavia. Dani is trying to meet with the city to upgrade the current signs. Fast Color: A possibility to do a mural on the retaining wall.

Steve suggested that he and Christine join Dani when she meets with the Public Works to use as a possible fund raiser. Christine suggest that we invite the Alderman. Kurt recommends that Dani reach out to the Historic Preservation Commission.

Schedule Town Hall- To communicate all the changes. Dani suggests a letter from her and the board president rather than a Town Hall Meeting. Steve recommends that we use this letter as a year-end letter. Call it a Year End Update (two letters- one for the community and one for the residents)

Schedule announcement of 3-year plan. Ramon suggested at the Stakeholder meeting in September. Dani said that it could be a possibility and that if whoever wanted to know about it would show up.

Richard suggested that we include it in the news section on the website.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:45am by Steve

Seconded by Richard

All in favor