November 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Water Street Studio Board Meeting

November 15, 2017

Present: Steve, Christine, Buzz, Stacey, Dani, Kurt and Ramon

Meeting Called to order by Steve at 7:37 AM

Motion- Kurt

Seconded- Christine 


Motion- Kurt

Seconded- Christine 

Treasure’s Report (See Attachments)

The numbers do not include all of the Project Fusion commissions coming in. Kurt recommends that we have a detailed report on the actuals report once a quarter and an overview on a monthly basis. Buzz believes a fiscal YTD P&L is fine. We made around $20,000 on Project Fusion. Goal was $25k-$30K. Dani is going to send out an end of the year support letter to the database.

President’s Report

Steve-Still talking with the tax attorney about sales tax. The liquor sales ARE taxed. Possibly a tax break for sales to members. Waiting on final information. You don’t have to pay sales tax on commission work if it’s unique to the person like a family portrait. Steve suggested that we go to the patrons and inform them that after further research their purchase was tax free and that we will be happy to refund their money or if they would like to make a tax free donation with those dollars they can. 

Executive Director’s Report 

Fall is typically a harder time for registration. Dani and Karine are looking at doing more one day workshops and parties during next fall. Kurt asked if we can go off site and do art parties? Steve said it would be up to the instructor’s availability and willingness to do so. He also suggested to look at bars since most are slow on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Stacey suggested that if the resident artists are holding classes in their studios that a portion should go back to Water Street Studio. Dani spoke with Bob at the Dunham to see if they can help with transportation for  Nicholson elementary to Water Street Studio.

#Giving Tuesday: Started yesterday. So far we have raised $700. Make it a personal ask to your friends and family. Dani made an adjustment to the levels of donation by lowering the first level to $25. Share the Facebook posts. Christine said that the thank you notes are great from #ILGive. Dani is looking for companies to match donations

Project Fusion- debriefing in a few weeks. Went very well! Close to $20,000 made! They will review to see how we can improve or if we should do it again.

School of Art

South Classroom Renovations- Bob Hanson wanted to have naming rights for 5 years; which we could not do. Dani and volunteers did most of the renovations.


Kerri Ann Branson- she is wanting to rent out the gallery for a solo show because she wants to have her wedding reception here. Dani will let Kerri Ann Branson know that we are working on an agreement

Switching CPAs

Dani received 3 quotes on CPAs and Walt is still cheaper. He is also a CPA that specializes in working with Non-Profit Organizations. Steve received quotes from current CPA and two new CPAs. Kurt moves that we hire Walt because he specializes in Non-Profit organizations.

Second Buzz

All were in favor. Motion moves

New Business - Dani

Since we have been having difficulty renting studio # 22; Jaime came up with an idea that we offer businesses the opportunity to sponsor a studio/artist. He expressed concern that we have an uniform representation of artists and having a diverse community would better reflect our mission. Dani suggested that we could have the artist come up with a proposal expressing their desire and need for sponsorship. These proposals would be sent to the businesses that are interested in sponsoring for this review and then they pick who they want to support.

There would need to be set process such as: Enrollment time. Application. Write a proposal to state their case for sponsoring them. Dani has already spoke with some businesses who are interested. Christine expressed concern about how the current resident artists would feel. Dani said that they could apply also. We do NOT want to be discriminatory

Capital improvements- Decided to table for a later time.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Kurt

Seconded by Buzz

Motion passes

Meeting adjourned- 8:36 AM