September 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Water Street Studio Board Meeting
September 13, 2017

Present: Steve, Christine, Kurt, Buzz, Richard, Stacey, Dani and Ramon

Meeting Called to order at 7:42 AM

Motion- Steve

Seconded- Ramon 

Minutes from August 8, 2017 were approved

Motion Kurt

Seconded Christine

Treasure’s Report (See Attachments)

Dani and Stacey met with QB for 4 hours.Budget was put in QB and some lines won’t match. Dani recommended that we review the budget and make the adjustments in QB from the approved budget on the spreadsheet. Stacey reviewed the reports. She recommends that we scan the bank statements and email in advance of the meeting.  Kurt states that we don’t need to do that since it will be in QB. Average teacher salaries is $7,000 per quarter. August and September in SOA is challenging to get kids signed up. Dani and Karine will start tracking the ebb and flow of enrollment to decide if it’s worth to fight against the downturn

President’s Report

Board Engagement Meeting- Sunday, Oct 8 start at 9:00 AM

Foundation Search- Denied refunding us because they say we were late on submitting decline notices.  

Executive Director’s Report

Karine’s 1 year Review hasn’t been scheduled yet. Kurt said that Karine is under Dani’s authority.

Steve says that we should get a recommendation from Dani on giving Karine a raise.

Sept 21 is Dani’s 2year anniversary and recommends that she has a review with the Board.  

Dani has been calling our monthly subscriptions to see if we can get discounts.

School of Art- some decline in September.

Ripple Effect

Dunham Fund: Karine & Dani are looking at a shorter program with a project that the kids can complete and be able to take home at the end of the program. Kurt is interested to find out how many students that converted from Ripple to SOA. Total enrollment last year: 150 (40 per class which is too much and now have 20 per class) Added a home and private school class and now we are serving 250

Dunham Fund- Received $30,000 which $7,500 is restricted for Nicholson Elementary in Aurora art supplies. Also the Dunham fund will be awarding an additional $1,500 to send the kids here to get them involved. Dani will be meeting with some of the board members from Dunham to put together a naming rights package.

KPI’s: Clay Lab is almost full. Struggle with metal. Over budget with Bar Sales and Individual contribution. Need to work on getting more event rental sales. Steve recommends getting with Wedding Planners and Caterers. Richard recommends that we promote it at the next opening

Kim Romaro update

Project Fusion budget of $4,000 was met! We need to continue raising funds.  Dani requests that the board send the flier out to 5 people to sponsor the event. Steve asked that we get a list of current donors so we don’t send to the same people. Ramon asked what the deadline is to get the sponsorship in so they get the name/logo placement? Christine is asking Sabrina.Stacey is asking for people who we want to invite so we can send out invitations. Deadline for that is Sept 25. Stacey is asking if Mask Sales should be taxed since it goes toward fund raising. Steve is making a call to ask about donations vs that we buy. Dani believes the board should eat the sales tax that we didn’t collect on the purchased portion of the mask. Stacey hoping that the South Classroom will be revamped for extra room for retail art sales. Gallery opening before Project Fusion: Should we have one since most of the art will be covered. Christine and Steve says we should have one with gallery sales for next day. Request for volunteer for decorating.

Trying to to determine the flooring near the coming into the board room. Buzz spoke with a couple of contractors last year and the cost was prohibitive at that time.  

BAC Grant- We won. Added $1,000 will be receiving at the Live Art Series.

Live Art Series- will be using Event Brite with a $5 ticket to help get commitment from attenders. 

Winterfest: Kathy will be stepping down as committee chair next year. Looking for a new committee chair to attend this year’s event so they will be up and running for next year.  

Please share the promotional videos on social media. They have been very successful such as the anniversary show reached 8,000 views!

Old business - Dani

Wheelchair lift needs to be inspected and it can’t be used until it is.  

Stakeholder’s Meeting- September 18

Dani will be doing a short presentation so we can get pledges. She requests that we say the same things because there will be a call to action.  55 RSVPs so far.  

New Business - Dani

Giving Tuesday- Nov 28 (Guardian of the Gallery) $10,000 goal. Dani peer to peer fundraising. Pledge forms to set their own goals. Board to help secure pledges. She is also trying to find matching grants.

Dani was invited to a Forefront Conference in October.

Dani was voted 40 under 40! September 20th is the event. Do we want to sponsor a table?

Richard was invited to speak at the National Arts Society and promoted WSS.

Closed session begins.