December 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Water Street Studios Board Meeting
Wednesday 12/12/2018

Attendance: Dani Hollis, Steve Newman, Rich DeVeau, Buzz Miller, Kurt Hagemann, Jessica Breugelmans, Stacey Sargent, Christine McFadden, Maureen Gasek  (Chris Mortenson, Kerri Ann Reavis, Absent)

Meeting Called to Order: 7:45 am


There are a few things in last month’s minutes that require minor revision(s).  With Chris unable to attend this meeting, these revisions will be sent to Chris, he can then update and redistribute, and we will vote to approve November 2018 minutes at next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report - Stacey

-       Treasurers report was sent to the board for review prior to meeting

-       WSS Money Market account has been opened

o   Per discussion and vote at October meeting, the finance committee will determine how much money should be transferred to the money market account so as to leave a minimum of $35,000 in the existing checking account

o   The finance committee will meet, at minimum, on a quarterly basis to review account balances so as to suggest to the board any re-balance as appropriate

-       Overall, Water Street Studios finances are in good shape, especially considering there is still $24K in grants that Water Street will receive before the end of the fiscal year.

-       Kurt moved to approve the treasurers report, Richard seconded, motion passed

President’s Report - Steve

-       Steve, Christine and Austin Dempsey met with Bob Vaughn to determine his interest in joining the WSS board. Bob confirmed he is interested, so next steps will be: Distribute Bob’s bio to board, Board members who have not met Bob to reach out and schedule a call or coffee, Christine to invite Bob to January board meeting.

-       Other potential board member names were discussed with potential follow up to occur after the holiday season

-       Steve to contact Kerri Ann about a board resignation letter

Executive Director’s Report – Dani

Giving Tuesday

-       #GivingTuesday was very successful!  Raised over $25K.

-       Water Street made several leadership boards in Illinois and was one of the largest fundraisers in the arts category in the state

WSS Mural project

-       Dani working on quotes for art display panels

o   Putting art on retention walls not viable due to snow/weather.  Now looking to anchor panels directly on Water Street building and perhaps in the future, other buildings in the community.

-       New LED lighting has been purchased by BEI for outside the Water Street building.  Will enhance overall visibility.

-       Kurt said there may be Main Street capital funding that is as of yet unused. Perhaps some can be applied to the mural project. Kurt to get more information.


-       One studio is currently open – candidate interviews are ongoing.

-       A second studio will open in January; proactively working to fill that space well.

-       Resident artists expressed an interest in a resident artist ‘meet & greet’ to ensure everyone knows each other. This event will be held in conjunction with the show in January.

Education/Outreach - Karine

-       Karine provided the board an in-person review of WSS outreach and education programs to date, as well as answered questions from the board on a variety of issues 

-       Will need to continue to watch budgeted to actual numbers education/outreach (all agreed 2018/2019 education budgeting was aggressive), but overall the board expressed confidence in Karine’s leadership and were pleased with outreach and education growth and progress.

WinterFest Market Update - Dani

-       The updated event branding and advertising has been very well received

-       Expecting a good crowd with over 1000 people expressing interest via social media

-       Will have workshops throughout the weekend to further drive traffic

-       Cash bar will be open all weekend

WSS artist collective Update - Richard

-       Collective is going to divide key organizational responsibilities between Dani (financials), Steve (recruiting) and Richard (organizational elements/meetings)

-       Have recently added a few new artists, and collective now stands at 12 people with a desired maximum of approximately 20 artists

-       Board discussed the possibility of implementing a Water Street Studios Scholarship Program (which could be for anything from collective dues to class fees). All agreed we should discuss further in the coming year.

Old Business 

Resident Artists - Dani

-       At the request of the board, Dani provided a list of resident artists for review and consideration relative to potential future board members

WSS Events - Dani

-       Dani has met with several people interested in running special event coordination. Dani believes she may have proposals to share with the board at either the January or February board meetings

-       It was noted that even once we accept a proposal, it will take time to get traction/events booked/etc. As such the board understands that we may not hit our event budget goals this fiscal year.   

WSS Holiday Party

-       Thank you to Steve and Laura Newman for hosting yet another wonderful WSS holiday get together!

New Business

-       On December 21st, Dani will host a fundraiser at WSS in conjunction with her 10 year class reunion (BHS class of ’08).  Event will be 2 hours and there will be a cash bar.  Attendance expected to be  approx. 100 people.

Kurt Motioned to adjourn at 9:22 am. Richard Seconded.