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Ripple Effect is a free, weekly STEAM class that focuses on integrating science, technology, engineering, and math with art. These classes have been generously funded by a grant from the Dunham Fund and will be available each year through 2021. All classes are held at Water Street Studios.

The course is completed in 3 sittings - meeting weekly 3 times. Each 3-week session of the course is identical. Students may attend only one session per school year.

2019-2020 Curriculum:

During this 3-week course, students will learn about the Fibonacci sequence of numbers and the cool spiral that they create. This sequence and spiral are found throughout nature and space! They will also explore chemistry and marine biology with the collaborative project that they will create. Both art and STEM vocabulary will be reinforced with each fun project.


Ripple Effect is generously funded by the Dunham Fund. We are grateful for their mission to enrich lives in our communities. This program is offered free to all eligible students.

Who is eligible?

  • All students ages 8-13.


The schedule for the upcoming school year will be published by June 1, 2019.



Registration for the 2019-2020 school year sessions will open on June 1, 2019. See this page for more details starting June 1st.

Ripple Effect Interest Form:

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Sessions will be held at both Water Street Studios and Messenger Public Library. The schedule for these locations will be published before June 1st on this page.


Students enrolled in the Ripple Effect are expected to abide by the following rules in order to maintain their place in the program:

  • Attendance for the entire 3-week program is expected. Please do not enroll your child if there are conflicts with scheduling since there is limited space.

  • Respect for teachers, students, and helpers is to be given at all times.

  • Loud or unruly behavior makes learning difficult for others and will not be tolerated.

  • Water Street Studios reserves the right to photograph all enrolled students and their artwork and use these images in promotional materials without the expectation of compensation.