Water Street Studios is a nonprofit art center located in Batavia, IL.

Art Classes, Exhibitions, Artist Studios, Events, Outreach, and More!

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Our mission is to make the arts accessible to the Fox Valley region and beyond.
Our vision is to be a cultural hub in the Midwest.

We offer high-quality programs that include art education classes, workshops, subsidized artist studios, monthly gallery exhibitions, events, and community outreach. Water Street Studios achieves its mission by providing free art education programs for those who do not have access to the arts otherwise in our community. 


"When I learned my budget was getting cut, I set out to find a business that would help with donations. Water Street Studio happily stepped up. They have been wonderful beyond words to myself and my students. Not only did they help with supplies for a project for the whole school, they also offered classes for my students, who would never be able to do something like that if not donated. 
Each month a new grade got to do an art project, meet the artists and see the gallery. This experience has been the most wonderful experience for my students. Watching their faces light up has been the highlight of my school year. The projects were so engaging and fun. The demonstrations by the artists were incredible. The whole experience has just blown us away! 
On our way back to school I hear conversations of 'how amazing it was, how fun, did you see that awesome piece of work, that artist was so cool, the was the best field trip'.  If it wasn’t for Water Street Studios I could never have offered any of this to my students. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us."

-Jennifer Leek, art teacher at Nicholson Elementary School in Montgomery, IL

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Performers Wanted!

- 4th Friday of every month
- Seeking to book April-December 2018
- Artists receive $250 per performance. 
- Gallery seats up to 70 audience members
- Doors at 6PM, Performances start at 7PM

 art classes

Drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, metal, glass, calligraphy, and more!

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"I've dealt with many different arts organizations over the years, including art centers, galleries, theaters, cabaret venues and night clubs, and Water Street Studios is definitely one of the best. Putting up a show takes a lot of work and Water Street Studios had my back every step of the way. Every request or problem I had was addressed promptly with no fuss, and every single person who I interacted with there, from the staff to the volunteers to the board members, were always helpful and treated me with respect."
- David Hauptschein, Artist
"Working with the Water Street Studio in Batavia has been an inspiring experience. As a member of the Water Street Studio Collective I have had an opportunity to share, grow, inspire and enrich my vision as an artist and a lifelong learner. The many opportunities available to community members, as well as established and emerging artists, from other places are over whelming. I continue to feel valued as a creative member of this community. I truly respect and endorse this place of creative
- Janice F. Meister, Artist & Printmaker 
“Being an artist is a lonely vocation. We work long hours in solitude. Our spouses and friends often don’t quite understand what we do, or why. But being part of a community of other artists here at Water Street Studios has helped offset that for me. We all speak the same language. We understand where each other is coming from. And we support and encourage each other and our work. While creating my art is still a solo endeavor, I’m able to be refreshed at the well of this community.” 
- Richard DeVeau, Artist & Board Member

We believe in inclusivity at water street studios: 

  • Wheelchair accessibility

  • A gender neutral bathroom

  • Family-friendly environment

  • All ages welcome