Bask in the vibrant arts community dedicated to supporting one another through creativity and collaboration. Resident Artists engage with our community through the sale, teachings, and exhibiting of their art.

Artists in residence

Studio 1a: Marcy Rogge

Studio 2: Mark Adams

Studio 3: Lisa Dienst-Thomas


Studio 5: Derek Plant & Steve Myers

Studio 6a: Jim Jenkins

Studio 6b: Rebecca MacLachlan

Studio 7: Emy Krauspe

Studio 8: Victoria Belz

Studio 9: Kevin Hunter

Studio 10: Marty Murphy

Studio 11: Becka Davis and Eric Goetzinger

Studio 12: Sabrina Martin 

Studio 13: Sharon Feller

Studio 14: Mark Russell

Studio 15: Kristi Parker & Lisa Hutler

Studio 16: Lisa Smith-Youngdahl

Studio 17: Lisa Holzl

Studio 18: Dave Martin

Studio 19: Caitlin Hazelton

Studio 20: Rebecca Allen

Studio 22: Zachary Cervenka

Studio 23: Water Street Studios Artist Collective Gallery

Studio 24: Al DaValle

Studio 25: David Wensel 

Studio 26: Marta Myers